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Good Looking out!!

Originaly used in the inner city urban youth to give Thanks to a trustworthy lookout while a crime was being committed. Short for "good lookin out"

Now used as a quick thanks or a show of grattitude among friends for help in any situation.

also popular among Ebay feedback forums due to lack of space for comment.
Tyrone: Damn yo' We got a test today and I aint brang no pencil
Brent: Dont worry man, I have an extra pencil. take this one.
Tyrone: Oh Helllz jea niga! GLO!
Brent: no prob' dude, dont mention it!!
Jamal: Yo brent let me get one dem pencil too!!
Brent: Uhh Sure Jamal here.
Jamal: Good luukin ga, GLO!
Brent: Yup!
Tyrone: Hey Mark, let me get nuther pencil I loss minez
Brent: UHHH My name is Brent and I just gave you one!!
Tyrone: I juss tode you I loss minez, muthuhfucka!!
Brent: I only have mine left and I need it for the test.
Tyrone: I dont giz a fuk nigga, Hook me up!!
Manwithshotgun: Ker-klik!- Blam!! Ker-klik- Blam!!
Brent: Glo!!
Manwithshotgun: ha ha ha, Dont mention it Brent!!!
by Largbals June 08, 2006
A person that pawns at many things. Often associated with multicultured beasts.
-that dude's mad g-lo, yo.
-damstraiht homy
by g October 29, 2004
Stands for George Lopez. Originated by Jennifer Lopez- JLo
you see glo last night?
by wankerd May 03, 2011
another name for an igloo. may also have an unidentifiable affinity for purple elephants and naive keys. sources say a devilish pointy chin is the result of constant mafia killings.
If u dont like this doorlock, get g-lo; if you dont like this person, get g-lo.
by los January 19, 2004
born july 25,1992. is the coolest guy ever, he is also a juggalo who loves marijuana,and has also cured aids with his piss.who loves mma and wrestling
damn that fool G-LO is the shit
by angelo miller June 27, 2008
(Pronounced gee-low) Short for good lookin' out. An expression of thanks for someone doing you a favor, helping you out, or getting your back.

me: Hey, slow down, there's a cop up there.
J-dog: G-lo, thanks!
by just a pirate chasing booty November 15, 2005
A male who is said to be retarded because he is often seen cleaning windows by licking them. He also has a sister that's very hot, and widely desired...especially by Tristan.
"G-Lo is retarded, but his sister is mighty fine and I want to bang her".