Edible adhesive
Johnny, this is a kindergarden, stop eating all te gleet
by bum November 16, 2003
Top Definition
The discharge produced by one's genitalia as a result of an advanced case of an STD, particularly gonorrhea.
That guy's so sick you can see the gleet stain through his pants.
by John666 February 21, 2007
The ejection of saliva directly out of ones salvatory glands and out of his/her mouth. The technique is hard to master. You must quickly press the tip of your tounge against the back of your front teeth, while doing so you must "push down" on the lower part of your toung where the elastic-like tendon that connects the tounge to the bottom of the mouth joins the tounge. It is hard to do, but once done, it it's even harder to master.
Gleeting is fun to do but is fuckin' annoying to have done ot yourself.
by Adam "Tr0n" March 17, 2005
The nasty stuff that comes out of your penis when you have an STD such as gonorrhea.
The greasy man walking down the street had gleet stains on his pants.
by Iron Tager March 10, 2010
Gleet is: "a chronic inflammation (as gonorrhea) of a bodily orifice usually accompanied by an abnormal discharge."
Steve's condition of gleet rapidly esculated
by michelle April 15, 2005
(n.) the whitish discharge that oozes from the urethra when one has gonorrhea. This is seen in both males and females (most other definitions of gleet referring to saliva and spitting are false. Gleet has nothing to do with saliva, unless you suck off or eat out a person with gonorrhea).
Is that gleet on your pants or are you just glad to see me?
by Rob Porter September 18, 2007
British. Ball glaze, pre-cum. The few clear drops of fluid that struggle past the Jap's eye during sexual stimulus, prefiguring the blowing of the gentleman's stack. Nature's none-too-efficient lubricant.
Despite a generous yield of gleet I ended up with terrible friction burns. That's the last time I fuck a book of carpet samples.
by Lord Grimcock September 03, 2007
A thin foul-smelling discharge that ensues from any orifice after death, as a result of sphincter relaxation or breakdown of internal tissues. Commonly misunderstood to be a discharge from the sex organs during an affliction of STD. This substance is in fact correctly referred to as grume.
'My late shift at the mortuary mostly involves hosing away the gleet.'

'Suck my gleet!' - offensive
by Gruntyface July 06, 2010
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