When a man and a women have a all night fuckfest after drinking and or partying ,they will wake up in the morning and have a glazed doughnut look on their faces .
Woman -Wake up someones at the door !!

Man- Well answer the damn thing!

Woman-I have to freshin up first!

Man- Why?

Woman-Because we both look like a couple glazed doughnuts!
by troubledemon May 27, 2010
Blowing a load on your girls asshole when she is passed out. Then when she wakes up there will be a glazed doughnut. Ready for you to eat it your are freaky enough
I totally gave anna a glazed doughnut last night when she passed out. I hope she enjoys it in the morning.
by Kelmet February 08, 2006
To pull out while having sex with a girl and blow your boys all over her anus. Followed by getting on your knees and sucking all of your boys back off her ass.
Last night Lucy let me have a glazed doughnut.
by Anonymous November 07, 2003

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