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82 definitions by troubledemon

Test from urination to find drugs
Man-Hey dude did you get that job ?


Man- why not?

Man2-I flunked the wizz quiz
by troubledemon March 10, 2010
52 5
decribes when a eskimo has a tooth ache, pain,hurty,tooth hurty
man-what time is it?

eskimo-time to go to dentist.


eskimo-2:30 time to go to the dentist
by troubledemon April 10, 2009
25 10
hot woman at breakfast table.when a man cant think of nothing but the hot woman sitting at the table ,dreaming of her ,loathing ,
could you please pass the pusscuits !
by troubledemon March 23, 2009
19 5
This happens when one is takeing a shit on the crapper and the turd ends up laying on the porcelin out of the water.
Man-Hey I was cleaning up after the party we had last night and someone beached in the down stairs toilet!

Friend-You dont mean?

Man-Yep the motherfucker was out of the water laying on the porcelin.
by troubledemon April 01, 2009
18 5
Tom said -Hey why do you look so mad ?

Jim replies-This morning I was on crapper takeing a dump and had to stop in midshit and flush cause my toilet cant handle all my shit at one time.
by troubledemon March 24, 2009
14 2
When a person fucks something up and you want to have fun on their behalf.
Tommy-Hey I tried really hard to get the pipe to stop leaking but it wont stop.

jim-Proud Of Ya where is the fucking leak numbnutts?
by troubledemon March 31, 2009
14 4
Sweat pants women wear with writing on them
Man-Hey check that ass over there with bitch on it .

Man2 -Yeah those are booty talking pants
by troubledemon March 27, 2010
11 2