Gay-Bitch (Gitch)
A person/persons who are not only Homosexual, but quite often portray traces of extreme and utter 'bitchiness'
That gitch is totally crazy!
by Dramaking86 August 26, 2012
A bad word for male dogs
That boy is a little gitch
by Nadiaflamingo June 25, 2011
Women's underwear.
Lady, your gitch is showing.
by foo February 16, 2003
the bridge of irresistible skin that happens to be located between the female's vagina and the asshole. mmmmz. similar to the gooch of a manly man.
hey baby, can i peep that gitch after class?
by omgdoom December 13, 2008
"omg...that dude is such a gitch"
"i can't believe you're talking to that gitch!"
"What the hell, that gitch stood me up!"
by chinrena September 12, 2008
Used to describe something that is awesome. Other forms of the word include gitchy, gitchen.
"That's so gitch"
by TeeJai December 08, 2008
A woman/girl who doesnt realize that she is being a bitch
"Man she is acting like such a gitch today!"
by K.Zz April 02, 2008

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