The gist is in fact the nub, to get the gist is to get the general nub and be all and end of all of the point.
Karis never gets the gist for she is sloooooow. But I love her.
by Lily November 02, 2004
Top Definition
The general meaning of something. To "get the gist" means to understand something, but not to be expert in it.
Bob: Did you read Moby Dick last night?

Steve: Nah, I read spark notes, got the gist.
by Pepsi X-treme July 31, 2005
An un-in-depth explanation or short detailed explanation for any circumstances or happenings that may have occurred!

Chris: Its hard to explain man..
Chris: Its a long story!
John: ok so skip the story then man, just give me the gist!
Chris: Basically i didnt know what was going on and had
a bad reaction!
John: oh.. ok i see!
by IM-Eille March 15, 2009
The feeling you get in your pants when a cute teacher walks by, or your gym coach tells you to hit the showers early.
Man, i had such a raging gist today in third period with Mrs. Smith in a mini skirt.
by C-boi January 20, 2009
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