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When you are supposed to be listening to some one but you zone them out and just say words (like okay or right) to make them feel like you are listening to the irrelevant things they are saying.
Josh: dude, the other night...
Bill: yeah
Josh: it was so crazy
Bill: mhmm
Josh: wtf, did you just girlfriended me.
Bill: bro, no way.
Josh: what did I just say?
Bill: uhh....
by Irick Style July 27, 2014
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to have a girlfriend
Sorry, I am girlfriended
by Adoriya November 25, 2008
When a bro can't hang out with you due to his girlfriend. This can be for many reasons. Maybe they are going antiquing, she may not like some bro's, sex night, etc. Similar to pussywhipped.
Dude 1: Man, John can't come out tonight. Dude 2: Why not? Dude 1: He got girlfriended.
by bigballin6989 May 27, 2015
The act of becoming someone's girlfriend.
John asked me out and I said 'Yes!' I have been girlfriended.
by Simdustries April 28, 2013
The act of pulling on the handle of a car door while the door is being unlocked, leaving the door locked. The act is most commonly associated with one's girlfriend, but can be perpitrated by anyone.
Aww, man, I just girlfriended. You're going to need to unlock the door again.
by Kivimaki April 30, 2009
To be categorised separately from someone's main social group.

Refers to the act of not allowing your social life to crossover with your sex life.
Person 1: I'm heading out for my 18th with my mates.

Person 2: Oh hey how come you didn't ask me to join?

Person 1: Nah we'll do something on the weekend for it.

Person 2: Woah since when have I been girlfriended?
by SilverToffee May 22, 2009

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