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Any concept which alienates and confuses males.
Shoes, handbags,'s a girl thing.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 21, 2004
Put simply- this word is the perfect way to describe your significant other that is more than a friend, but less than a commitment; (i.e: talking, friends with benefits, hanging out)

-dude, are you guys dating, or what?

-Nah, she's my girlthing, man!
by Seth Frampton February 07, 2009
A way of describing an ambiguous relationship between a man (or woman) and another woman. The individuals have sex, and have a close personal relationship, but the woman in question is not defined by her lover as a girlfriend, so she can only be referred to as a 'girl thing'.
person 1: what's up with chris and laura, they live and sleep together, are they going out?
person 2: no, she's just his girl thing.

Are they friends with benefits? Are they in an open relationship? We don't know, so we'll call her a girl thing.
by super-trooper March 25, 2010
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