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A 2006 movie starring Samarie Armstrong and Kevin Zegers set in the USA, but released largely in the UK. It has a kick-ass soundtrack and is ridiculously funny, well in my opinion it is.
Girl 1: Have you seen the movie It's a boy-girl thing?

Girl 2: Yes! OMG! That Kevin Zegers looks just like Zac Efron! SOOO HOT!
Girl 1: But did you like the movie?
Girl 2: Yeah, I did, and it was pretty funny too.
by IamsamasmaI September 05, 2010
An accomplished actress most famous for paying Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies.

She's one of few young actors to go and get an education; for her, it's at Brown University. Also really pretty.
Girl 1- Have you seen Emma Watson?
Girl 2-Yeah. Hermione from Harry Potter. She's really pretty.
Girl 1- Did you know that she goes to Brown University, an ivy league school?
Girl 2- No way! Smart and beautiful, I want to be just like her!
by IamsamasmaI October 18, 2010

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