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1) common suffix added to slang nouns to turn them into adjectives to describe someone.
2) A suffix added to the name of an individual (a) in order to describe another individual(b) who is behaving like individual (a).
1) Don't start your smartassgiri now
2) You have started doing a lot of Ankurgiri now a days
by Gunkglumb June 05, 2005
The nick name given to english people by the Gibraltarian citizens.
person 1- you getting dizzy blud?

person 2- no me eche cojone giri!!
by llanito_tu_ere_giri June 07, 2009
Giri is short for 'giririsss', commonly known to many as someone who pikes from everything. A giri will agree to meet someone/somewhere, and not show up, thus piking.
you: Hey giri, wanna come over?
giri: sure, meet you at 2pm?
you: cool, cya then!
giri doesnt turn up at all.
you: oh well, i shouldnt of trusted giri showing up!
by casa January 30, 2005
a giri is a huge live srilankan creature that spends it's time making obscene gestures, usually towards anyone that will watch. the giri has been known to turkey slap innocent bystanders. giris will can often be heard shouting JAI HO or TO GIRIIII, and are usually ubersexual.
"to giiiiriiiiiii!!!"
"jai ho bitches"
"hi my name is giri and im huge"
by jaiho33 April 19, 2009
A riotous occasion of giant proportions, i.e. a riotously good time.
"Oh we are going to have a Gi Ri tonight!"
by Bron2229 September 06, 2006

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