A codeword meaning the person was linked to something from the website Imgur.
"why are we saying giraffe?"
"we are from imgur but secretly don't want you to know."
by Ruinseverything February 02, 2013
A half ounce of marijuana.
"How much are you after?"
"Just give me a Giraffe."
by Cat in Pants May 03, 2006
{JEER a-ffe} n.
Animal commonly found in african savannahs. Has very long neck and is yello with brown spots.
**people on a safari in the african plains**

-Dude, look at the giraffe!
.It's got such a long neck!
by RubyGirl June 21, 2005
1) An animal found in the plains of Africa

2) A code word for a female's gentials (mainly the vagina)
1)Giraffes are my favorite animals!

2)God, after last night with Ken my Giraffe hurts... D':
by Neko Uke August 02, 2008
an animal native to....africa....studies show they often engage in homosexual activity...more then heterosexual activity...fucking giraffes
look at that giraffe! he sure likes giving it up the ass...and receiving it too.....
by elizardbeth June 06, 2007
A large wild animal (large in two ways... HAHA) that Chris loves to cuk.
chris says: I just cukked a giraffe!
kayla says: woah, that must've been awkward...
chris says: IT WAS!
kayla says: Why did you cuk it?
chris says: because i wanted to beat maggie at being the master cukker, that's why!
by Cukking Cukkers that Cuk often August 27, 2008
a word to describe somone who does not shave their nether region.
"dude.... shes got giraffe?" -nate

"yes, she is french" -josh

"oh well, i guess its ok if she's bangin in bed"
by Natezorz April 23, 2006
Rhyming word for 'Laughing'
Your having a giraffe
by amy lou November 10, 2006

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