Ginger kids are born with a desise witch causes verry light skin, red hair and freckles. This desise is called ginger vitus, and it occurs because ginger kids have no souls. Kids that have ginger vitus can not be cured. Because there skin is so light, ginger kids must avoid the sun, not unlike vampires. Some people have red hair but not light skin and freckles. These people are called day-walkers.
"I feel sorry for that kid over there, he has no soal so he got ginger vitus"
by Notposs January 22, 2006
GINGERVITAS is a disease that attacks the hair of its victims and turns them into gingers but does not produce the full effects of gingers only the super ginger hair color, and it is recomended that the victim is palish, cuz tan gingers are icky
JONNY- no she doesnt she just got heer hair dyed
Jenny- yea meaning she has gingervitus
by alexysssssss July 10, 2008
GINGERVITUS is the new form of retardation. anyone who has gingervitus cannot be trusted and they should be avoided at all cost! the closest thing to a ginger is a vampire. people inflicted with gingervitus cannot go outdoors or they will be transformed into a labster ..... a labster with freckles. Gingers live in caves by the thousands. DO NOT look directly at a ginger or the brightness of their firey head will blind you. having sex with a ginger is possibly the worst thing you could ever do, seeing you would burn youself from their fire pubes. GINGERVITUS will no longer be a problem, in 100 years all people inflicted with gingervitus will be swiped from the earth. THANK JESUS
joab: is that a vampire?
john: nah..... its just someone with gingervitus .... do not stare at him, you'll die
by SINEP00001 August 27, 2009
a term used to describe the genetic inheritance of the "ginger" gene.

those unfortunate enough to have this disablity learn to live with the florescent hair, pale skin, and frekles from birth. many live into old age and have perfectly normal lives
bob: sheesh dude, that poor poor child has gingervitus!
by effenzo December 09, 2006
A terrible disease that forces those who suffer from it to avoid sunlight, as it is harmful to their unpigmented skin.

If you suffer from gingervitus you may be known as a 'ginger kid'.

Symptoms include red hair, light skin and freckles.

Some people have red hair but not light skin and freckles, those people are called daywalkers.


To learn more on the subject watch the 'Ginger Kids' episode of South Park (Season Nine).
Eric: Dude last night I was wasted and I hooked up with the ginger girl!
Mike: Oh my god! Stay away from me! You're gonna have gingervitus now!
by chrissyyyyy October 01, 2007
The unfortunate occurance of having light skin, red hair of any shade, and freckles. I am talking of course, of ginger kids. Those poor, unlucky kids.
But if you just have red hair, you are a daywalker
Sammie: Dude, look at that ginger kid!
Hailey: Yeah, looks like he has a BAD case of Gingervitus!
by Samanthaa* August 16, 2007
The condition of being ginger. Usually hereditary. The only way to stop the epidemic is to stop their procreation but due to their typical hidiousness they don't tend to get laid anyway
Poor cunt he has gingervitus
by Lisa Curran April 01, 2005
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