3 definitions by hobart8584

disease carried by gingers; causes loss of soul, ability to physically deal with sunlight, and freckle break outs.
"That red head over there just sneezed on me, think I should get tested for Gingervitus?"
by hobart8584 January 30, 2010
person who openly engages in Gingerism
"Bob is so gingist he threw his ginger niece into direct sunlight"
by hobart8584 January 30, 2010
aka fear and loathing of day walkers. Soulless beings that wonder the shaded corners of the earth for fear of freckle breakouts; often pass the disease through sneezing, sharing of ice cream, and gary busey. Once given the disease, also known as gingervitus, it is irreversible and causes a life time of shame and social pariah
If blazing red hair, freckles, and pale pasty skin puts you into a blinding rage, you probably are a Gingist practicing Gingerism.
by hobart8584 January 30, 2010

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