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GINGERVITUS is the new form of retardation. anyone who has gingervitus cannot be trusted and they should be avoided at all cost! the closest thing to a ginger is a vampire. people inflicted with gingervitus cannot go outdoors or they will be transformed into a labster ..... a labster with freckles. Gingers live in caves by the thousands. DO NOT look directly at a ginger or the brightness of their firey head will blind you. having sex with a ginger is possibly the worst thing you could ever do, seeing you would burn youself from their fire pubes. GINGERVITUS will no longer be a problem, in 100 years all people inflicted with gingervitus will be swiped from the earth. THANK JESUS
joab: is that a vampire?
john: nah..... its just someone with gingervitus .... do not stare at him, you'll die
by SINEP00001 August 27, 2009

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