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when a persons nipples are abnormally red and are very pointy resembling a "ginger snap"
yeah bro those are total ginger snaps!
by buttwholeburns May 04, 2011
10 5
Hand job from a red head
That woman from the Wendy's ads must give a great ginger snap.
by Breezewardlycos November 13, 2013
4 1
An irresistibly erotic sexpot red headed man, who is incredibly hot and also has a personality that drops panties. This red particular breed of red headed man has both a genuine personality, and a smoking hot bod; a true hunk. Once reaching his full potential, he can cause female orgasm by a mere look/facial expression.
girl 1: "Oh daymn, look at that flaming hot gingersnap!"
girl 2: "Back off bitch, that hot piece of ass is mine!"
girl 3: "Oh! I think I just came in my pants"
by ItsSugarTitsBaby December 21, 2011
6 3
Anything sexually related with a readhead.
I'd love to get some gingersnap from Nicole Kidman.
by CCcottonball December 16, 2008
19 17
The act of breaking any digit, genital, or limb of a red-headed person during sexual intercourse.

Named for the sound that accompanies the act.
“I ginger snapped Ginny last night: luckily I remembered Reparo!”

“Hermione ginger-snapped poor Ron after jerking to the side a bit too quickly: the poor bugger’s going to need some magical phalloplasty.”
by El Chingador February 25, 2014
0 0
When a redheaded person gets upset. Usually without a cause normal persons would interpret as reasonable.

In the UK a redheaded person is often called a ginger (negative connotation).
(1) Oh don't worry about him, he's just Gingersnapping.

(2) The Pearce boy totally Gingersnapped yesterday when I told him there was no butter for eggs benedict and we would have waffles instead.
by RedBird friend March 31, 2012
1 1
Two young emo "lesbian" high school girls that make out at school dances because they think it is rebellious
Hey look two Gingersnaps.

Those Gingersnaps sure a going at it.
by kemster1234 January 21, 2010
4 4