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1. An alternative way to spell the name Jerry.
2. A gorgeous girl with incredible legs and a cute laugh.
3. A friend that is always there for you no matter what.
"Gerri? Isn't that a dude's name?"
"Not if it's spelled G-E-R-R-I."

"Hey man, who's your girlfriend?"
"Oh she's Gerri."
"Woah! You're a lucky dude!"

"Gerri is my BFF."
by xxcutebiatchxx November 27, 2008
a girl's name. someone who's really nice and is always there for you. she's good at everything and is one of prettiest most amazing people ever. she has many friends and everyone likes her except for people who don't understand her
What's your name? My name is Gerri
by Raina Eyre September 02, 2010
1. she's sexy, and she knows it

2. a ridiculously hot woman that is always home alone because her beauty makes men think she already has a date. and so she has none.
3. a girl that you can get expert advice from. on any subject at all. thats right, she knows everything. all of it. really.
"i wish i knew the answer."

"call Gerri, she'll know."

"you're so pretty. i hope you don't end up like Gerri!"
"yes, poor Gerri. so gorgeous, and so lonely..."

"i'm Gerri, and i know it."
by who's your mama July 03, 2014
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