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someone with red hair who inspires jealousy in all those around them who wish they were blessed with the same gene. gingers also tend to be EXTREMELY good looking, and irresistibly attractive to the opposite sex. gingers have been known to brutally murder those who try to hide their jealousy through insults, so all you non-gingers sitting at your computers wishing you had red hair, be careful what you say. you could be next.
non-ginger 1: dude, look at those gingers over there

non-ginger 2: i know man, i wish i had hair like that

non-ginger 1: hey, lets make fun of them and pretend theyre not the awesomest people we've ever met and that we wouldnt give anything to be half as cool as them!

non-ginger 2: thats what i was thinking dude!

ginger: *kills both non-gingers in their sleep*
by gingersareawesom July 17, 2008

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