A person who has red hair, pale skin and tons of freckles. They dont tan at all, just burn. Also Gingers have no souls. None of them.
*walking down the hallway*
-dude some ginger kid comes here now-
*gets wide eyed then looks at the random preacher beside you, who runs to the kid beating his head with a bible*
*ginger nearly drowns on holy water*
by Zander Sixx ughhhh April 15, 2011
A beautiful colour of hair, which most people envy so gingers get mocked. Many guys find ginger girls the sexiest, blondes 2nd and brunettes 3rd.
Phil: "Dam that ginger girl is hot!"
by Cooonah March 21, 2007
A fantastic breed of humans. Gingers typically have lovely luscious red locks. They are often made fun of by non-gingers, but everyone knows that it's because they're just jealous of our gingerosity.
Brunette: "You have no soul!"
Ginger: "You're an envious poopyhead."
by Imaginger June 25, 2011
Gingers are people with ginger hair. Thats all. they are humans. Not mutants. They have all the same rights as everyone else, so shut the fuck up if your gonna say they should all be shot!
guy 1: Look theres a ginger, lets shoot them!
guy 2 *punches guy in the face*
by michaela12233466 July 22, 2006
A sweet, delicious plant. Ginger root is eaten as food or remedy. According to South Park, the world ginger may also be used to describe people with red hair, pale skin and freckles.
1. Mmm, that tangy ginger root settled my stomach.
2. Look at that ginger, he has red hair.
by dan mahoney December 15, 2005
A person with ginger hair of any shade. Some gingers can be pale, tan, some can have freckles to the max or just have a few. People get extremely jealous of gingers. They consider them to be soul-less and you automatically came off the boat from Irland. They are mainly jealous becuase they know gingers are considered the sexiest people alive. People try to immitate the natual ginger color. Old ladies compliment you and ask where you bought your hair dye. Nick names always come out of having red hair. Fire Crotch, Carrot Top, Freckle Face, Ginga', etc. Truly taste-less jokes come out of it, too. "You weren't born in a hospital! Your mom threw any old spice into the pot and poof, you!"
I am a ginger and I know most people are jealous of me :)
by 15632 April 26, 2007
A person with exceptional great hair colour.. Fiery personality.. And the best lovers... Like my boyfriend!
girl 1 : Oh my boyfriend is the best in bed
girl 2: but isnt he ginger?
girl 1: god yes!
by MaxsClaire August 12, 2006
Someone with red hair + freckles.

Rupert Grint is the sexiest ginger in the galaxy/universe.
by mmmmrupertgrint December 29, 2008
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