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Ginger people have been discriminated against throughout history due to the colour of their ginger hair. Ironically, ginger is an anagram of the word "nigger", and whilst there have been moves from gingers to unite with black people throughout the world to form a united front against oppression, they are nevertheless ridiculed by all races. Regarded as a "sub-species" gingers have tried desperately to embrace black culture based on the success of the cultural and political subversion of the word "nigger" as an insult, to one of racial empowerment.
Black person: "Waazzup mah nigger?"
Other black people: "Waaaazzaup maaaaah niggaaaaaar!!!!"
Non-black people: "man that's cool - I wish I could say that too!"

Ginger person: "What's up my ginger?"
Other ginger person: "Hello. What's up my ginger?"
Non-ginger person: "...Cunts"
by GingerGod March 14, 2011
An ugly girl from the North East of England
Eeeee - she's a proper gopper that one
by GingerGod March 14, 2011
Where a man pulls his penis back between his legs in order to simulate a look as though he has a vagina (or mangina). This action is usually followed by prancing around the room on tip-toes in front of new girlfriend as a way of breaking the ice after sex.

This ritual must be carried out with caution if the male has large testicles or fat legs, due to the risk of 'squashing a nut'.
Man prancing about room on tip-toes doing The Fanny Dance: "Oooooh look at me - we just had sex but now I've got a big hairy twat like you! Oooooooooh - it's maaaaaagic!!!!!!"
by GingerGod March 14, 2011

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