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a more common term for a red-headed being (not human) who have no soul and therefore nobody has, does or ever will love them. Other characteristics of a ginger twat include loudness, annoyingness, arrogance and ignorance (even to the point that they think they have friends and people actually like them)
Sod off you ginger twat

Fuck off you ginger twat

Piss off you ginger twat
by I LOVE Gs September 17, 2006
(n.) An unintentionally awesome nickname for a redhead of short stature.
"Not everyone can be a Gingertwat like you, Jen!"
You're right--they can't. There can only be one.
by gingertwat September 14, 2009
A stupid ginger bitch who rides all males she can get her hands on and tells everyone she's a virgin
She's such a ginger twat!
by Nigwig October 21, 2015
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