Australian slang for a slingshot

"Bloody 'ell Bruce, shewt that arsehole with yer ging, mate."
by Redgum July 10, 2008
A stereotype ginger has really pale and easily burned skin, glasses, bad teeth, and, of course, the flaming, thick, orangish-reddish hair. Personality wise, they are very awkward and sensitive and probably are a loner.
Wowwww.....look at that ging
by adaskdja;ksdsdjas;kd July 05, 2011
a euphemism for marijuana, allegedly used by Huey Lewis through the 90s. Rhymes with 'ding' and 'sing'.
Hey, wanna come smoke some ging in my tour bus?

That's some dank ging.
by Reverend Rory February 02, 2011
A ging is a gay king
"One king married another and they became gings"
by Jesus ging of nazerath April 18, 2009
Ging is often used as a word to replace a certain action. With its versatile nature, the word can represent many simple actions. When the word is used, its meaning is usually understood from the expression and emotions of a speaker.
1. Ging me that plate!
2. lets ging the exam!
3. I am ginged!
by n.wong October 07, 2006
word meaning ginger with a firecrotch and most likely a fat ass
dude, look at her

i no she is such a ging

yea she has a firecrotch and a fat ass
by poonchasers June 13, 2008
the new word for "gnar"
damn that bracelet is ging!
by DDelia April 13, 2008

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