a beverage made from womens vagina juices

a byproduct of cock-fishing
"boy after this hard day of installing heating and air conditioning units, i sure could go for a tall glass of gine"

"would you drink a glass of gine?"
by the wonederous woneder December 08, 2007
Top Definition
Short for Vagina, only good Vagina, not some fat, smelly, old piece of shit vagina.
"HOLY SHIT your gine is so hot that when I spooged inside it there was a bunch of white steam that came out of your gine. I would stick my penis in your gine ANYTIME FOSHO slutbag"
by the st3 October 10, 2005
Shortened form of "vagina"
Dude! I saw that girl's gine!
by Balkanya May 28, 2003
Referring to the vagina
One who has a vagina
One who is part of a Subaru club
Ross won't come... He must be a Gines
by Paul Haverstock February 21, 2013
/ jīn / : strokes of genius, someone or something that has "it"; hilarious perfection; brilliance.
Ex: Whoever thought of putting pineapple in a pork taco is gine; Ex: If you need it used in a sentence you don't have it.
by augustusandhazel April 16, 2015
Nickname for someone who is totally awesome and cool to hang with. People with this name are also super pretty and smart.
OH MY GOSH! i want to hang out with Gine!
by whiterabbit52 June 16, 2010
as in "vagine" (vagina), To back down from something. You tell someone they are gining on you when they wuss out.
Dude #1: Hey man, we still going skydiving?

Dude #2: i dunno, sounds kinda scary,,,

Dude #1: Man, don't gine on me!
by Diego the Mook February 21, 2008
Cocktail. Gin and Wine. Tastes like a hangover.
Fresher? GINE HIM!
by Gine expert December 30, 2010
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