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What you drink if you have absolutely no beer, wine, rum, whiskey, vodka, tequila, bourbon or any other form of alcoholic beverage and ONLY if it was given to you for free. Made from the berries of the juniper bush (my new least favorite plant) Gin can cause sudden onset depression and a deep hatred for the British in those trying to consume more than just a couple tiny sips of it. Gin can be made slightly better with the addition of tonic water, another exceptional drink from the British.
Me: "Dude i think some British guy pissed in this bottle of gin"
Other guy: "Nah man thats just the gin"

"I fucking hate gin"
by mariners02 September 03, 2009
Swedish boy who lacks all sense of direction and reason with a poor grasp of the English language. Whose daily activities include rambling incoherently over IRC and godmoding while Rping. Often avoided and frowned upon by others around him, he is known for taking several smoking breaks over short periods of time and annoying all of those within a visible radius of his text. Always uses ellipsis in place of comas and exclamation marks in place of periods.
Taken from actual event:
"Jie: "Someday... another one like me shall appear... and he or her... won't fail..."

The last words of this Human fiend... who's heart and mind was filled with sadness and he as well was a victim... but who could have guessed... his people had a DNA capsule at their labratory!?

1000 now... a war between the Federation and the last followers of Jie are down... the labratory are as quiet as the desert... a place... the people had forgotten to destroy... under the sand... deep down in the Tower of Jie's... the capsule is still laying there..."
by Leena Xavier January 25, 2005
Code speak for nigger....it's "nig" spelled backwards allowing you to use it in social situations withought actually revealing your unwavering racism...
James: Uh oh, Tim just walked in "again"("a gin")...
Me: God damn we're gonna have to beat that gin down and lynch him to set an example for all the black folk..
by The Dude 88 February 16, 2008
a derogatory name for an afro-american see also nigger
He missed that 3 pointer, gin ass gin!"
by nohj February 15, 2004
1:the abrieviation of vagina
2:almost all purpose word
she has a nice gin

you gin!
by sleevo May 15, 2004
gin or ginnen is the most multipurpose word in the dictionary it can be used 2 describe anything such as angry dismay annoyance or even shitted
oh man i h8 that bitch i feel like ginnin her up the ass
by Joe April 08, 2004
A colourless alcoholic liquid, taste resembles the aroma of freshly cut grass. Upon intake, should cause convulsions or a gag-reflex in well adjusted or sane people
I tried Gin, it tasted like a Coon's piss
by Feroza Armand July 20, 2005