a girl who is ready to suck any nigga up just for popularity or cause they happen to be real thirsty.
Yo I got all these gins wanting so suck me up after I scored that touch down.
by Mr. PALEE KAKA November 21, 2013
In hold 'em poker: Describes a hand's relationship to a flop when conditions exist where not only is the hand likely the strongest, but can also easily improve to the nuts (aka best hand possible).
Hero holds pocket KQ of hearts. Flop comes Kc 4h 7h. This gives hero a flush draw and top pair. Even against an opponent with pocket AA or a made set (unlikely), he or she has enough outs to be considered the best hand. "He hit gin on that flop!"
by FromHereOn July 28, 2011
stands for get it in
hey man, look at that chick. Damnnn I would GIN
by hornymofoo April 15, 2011
To "Get It In". Not necessarily used in the way of the Jersey Shore Kids, though. GIN can be used to described any action you perform throughout the day.

GIN by itself usually means that you are consuming alcoholic beverages

At times, GIN makes more sense when said as "ginning". Don't be afraid to use it that way.
I'm about to GIN at the gym, then GIN with some homework.

I am currently ginning at the bar downstairs.

Dude, he and I are totally about to GIN.
by CashleyHord April 13, 2011
A complete stud who all girls want to fuck. He has a large cock and some girls think it is perfect. Is kind and never is mean to people.
I wish I was Gin.
by Pokedosuekino March 23, 2013
internet slang term used as an anti-"lol", meaning giggle in silence as opposed to laugh out loud. the creator found that the ending sounded better with a "n" than an "s"
dude1: "Yeah man, then she tripped going up the stairs."
dude2: "gin"
by babaG. July 30, 2008
Derogatory name for an Italian person. Short for ginny.
Some gins took my parking spot.
Damn gins.
by Paddy O'Toole February 26, 2008

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