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1. A penis that is deformed or does not function properly.

2. A very small penis.
Brad: Why is it taking Brandon so long to use the restroom?
Kevin: Didn't you hear? Brandon's dick doesn't work anymore after it got bit by a rattlesnake!
Brad: Shieeee, the poor sucker has a gimp dick.

Brad: Did you hear the news? Brandon's dick is only 3 cm long!
Kevin: Yea that girl that tried to suck him off told me he has a gimp dick!
by tiddleywinkz October 03, 2013
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A friend that is barely crippled, and will explote the advantages but hates being made fun of for it.
Brandon is such a gimp dick, he has to always have the handicap parking, but will never let us make fun of him
by Zf3f May 01, 2011
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