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a bunch of losers or complete freaks in one mob who are named gimp squad! used as an aggresively subtle insult tht is yelled at losers wen they walk past!
a few losers walk past

random by stander shouts: "GIMP SQUAD!"
by Jamie Cox July 16, 2006
A group of so called lads, who for banterous reasons decided to form a team: gimp squad. Members include; attention seekers, smug pricks, bumchums, people who call others gimps, actual gimps, etc. These people call others gimps in a derogatory fashion, yet believe it is a cool word to call themselves
1) got absolutely smashed on the weekend, call me part of the gimp squad
2) first rule of being in the gimp squad, don't talk about gimp squad
by Emille Keyway September 27, 2013
A group of injured people (gimps) that hang out with each other.
The gimp squad usually stands over there next to the medical tent.
by Shanana James January 16, 2016
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