A modern day monopoly.

The only reason they haven't been trustbusted yet is because electric razors also exist.
Standard Oil got broken up in the early 1900's for being a gillette-like company.
by 76754375732525823.14 May 08, 2010
To screw things up and make shit awkward: like cutting yourself with a Gillette razor. Often involving screwing things up with a female.
Dude, you totally Gilletted that shit up, man.
by Rick the Slick February 18, 2011
A name for someone who needs to have a clean shaven anus in order to be fucked harder by a short middle aged concereating guido
Andrew: "Oi Gillette! You need a shave so i can root you up the ass!"

Andrew: "Who Gillette? Yeah, me and my mate Gillette go way back..."

Andrew: "Gillette, Oi Gillette! Ya need a shave!"
by Chips aka Dicking Sticking December 31, 2010
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