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The name that vatos/cholos/chewys/wetters/brown folk use for the town Gilroy, CA. It is about 20 minutes drive South of San Jose. Hot chicks live here, too. Check it out sometime...Miss California came from this place.
Hey mi homi lives in gilas, eh. Ju want to go cruz da super mercado?
by Bradley September 28, 2004
A beautiful brunette. Very giggly and fun to be with. Typically short. Any guy would be lucky to be with her. Very charming and intelligent. Sometimes quiet and shy, but once you get to know them, you'll find yourself lucky to know them.
"Gila is one of a kind"
by JBiebs May 11, 2013
Mad, crazy, mental, nuts in Malay language.
Kau gila kape ? (Are you mad or something ?)
by Synnta Claus July 29, 2008
A local nickname for the town of Gilroy in South Santa Clara County, CA.
I think this is pretty simple to understand.

"Gilas has way more going on than Salinas"
by South County Girl October 02, 2007
Often from a large family, but feels loved. Funny, outgoing, and go with the flow type of personality. Associated with lots of freckles. Gets the work done but always game for a good time. Enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Loves schnitzel.
Gila is a cheerful girl.
by Jeremy Crickets October 15, 2013
Indonesian translate of "crazy" or "mad"
Kamu gila banget!!!

(You're so Crazy!!!)
by one_shot August 16, 2008
1) a bearded lizard, common to the Southwestern United States, such as Arizona.
2) more commonly known as the slang word for tequila.
That gila was huge.
Put some more gila in my cup!
by Benny P. September 17, 2006

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