sleep in the corner of your eye
by Carol - London September 24, 2003
Top Definition
Acronym for "Google It, Kids." Used to instruct persons who are unaware of a particular item to undertake an internet search of such item in order to rectify the knowledge deficiency.
That pedal on the left is known as a "clutch." GIK.
by Elder Statesman October 02, 2013
Gík (กิ๊ก) = “fucking friend” the literal translation

So a person you have intimate relations with but not a girlfriend or boyfriend. Essentially the Thai version of Fuck Buddy

This entry is for the latin spelling of this word as farang in Thailand cannot easily find it by the Thai script
I'm so bored, I'm going to find a Gik to spend some time with.
by Jerkso December 20, 2014
a general term for anything undesirable
"Hey, you've got some gik between your teeth."
"You need to get that gik off of there..."
"You're full of gik!"
"That's kind of gikky"
by stellarrestorations September 12, 2006
To prod or impale, usually with a multi-pointed object such as a fork.
The bastard gikked me right in the abdomen with the cultivator, now I don't know how I'm gonna get my intestines back inside!
by Gik130 July 03, 2009
slang word for penis
suck my gik

dude you're such a gik
by Doogal102 October 17, 2009

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