Adjective used to describe something mind blowingly awful. Makes reference to the 2003 film Gigli - renowned for being particularly awful.
That was gigli bad!
by Anonymie April 12, 2006
(Slang) n. A large failure.
That last Mars probe was a Gigli.
by Czq'bqymc December 01, 2003
A new Playstation 2 game based on the box office failure.
I'm stuck on the 8th level of Gigli: the game.
by Elgeoharris December 13, 2003
One of the best users on IGN and one of the founders of the great tumbleweed dynasty
viva la tumbleweed!!!!
by Redhotkick January 24, 2005
Something or someone so awfully bad no other word can describe it except the train wreck of a movie that starred Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.
Me: I accidentally ran over a sack of kittens, a nun, three of my childhood heroes, and the last panda on Earth on my way to the store!

You: Man, thats gigli!
by Marian1983 August 18, 2012
v. gigliing, giglied

To make out by attempting the "face eat". See excessive licking (and imagine a dog going for the peanut butter on your lips).

See also: supernova.
Dude, she didn't call him because he giglied the shit out of her face.
by thereasonsiregretlastnight January 19, 2010
How retards pronounce "jiggly".
Durrrr, that Jell-O is gigli!!!!
by buttcheeks mcgee October 10, 2005
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