goofy term for a blunt. marijuana makes you high. hence: giggle stick.
chillin in a circle passin the giggle stick.
by keuhgewoirtwert August 31, 2005
(n). One of the most annoying toys ever. Emerged from the 1970s, it was a plastic yellow stick that made a spastic sound by tilting it on end, back and forth. The first sound would be higher pitched and the second one was lower. Sounded like a cow on helium.

It would sound like "Ow, ewwwww...ow, ewwwww..."
In the "just a buck store", I found a cheap imitation of that old annoying giggle stick.
by Boggler July 25, 2005
something you smack your bitch with to make her laugh

my little firend
That Kyle Holland kid sure has a small giggle stick. He doesn't even have the giggle.
by Billy the Jew November 14, 2003
You and your girlfriend are having sex doggystyle, and she decides to take a shit whilst in the process of doggy styling. you then take the pile of feces, shove a stick in it, wrap it in tin foil, keep it in the freezer over night, take it out, un wrap it, then surprise your girlfriend with a brand new dildo and masturbate her with it.
peanut-covered dildo smells great!
by Matt White April 16, 2004

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