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When you laugh so hard, you shit yourself. Giggle Shits (plural): When people around you discover that you've shit yourself from laughing too hard and they, in turn, shit themselves from laughing too hard at you having shit yourself.
"Quit making me laugh or I'll giggle shit myself!"
by Ted January 14, 2004
1. A response to something hilarious yet very weird.

2. What happens when you laugh so hard that you start to make weird noises and are then overcome with the feeling that you are about to shit yourself.
1. Let's post this picture of an old guy's ass. Just for giggleshits.

2. Bob told me this great joke... before I knew it, I felt the giggleshits come on.
by M!lk April 05, 2008
When you laugh so hard you shit yourself.
Oh, shit! Do you have a bathroom?

Yeah, why?

I got the giggle shits.
by E. Li December 28, 2014
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