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Restarina Pageantina Tumalina Dolly Samone

The largest, biggest queen known in all of gaydom, neither man nor woman can comprehend its pussy so big it drags and leaves a shiney trail, like a snail early in the morning dew. Non pareilles. Unsurpassed in her queeniness.
Ms. Dolly Samone is THE gigantaqueer of Tennessee
by sweetie2u July 14, 2011
A person or a thing described as being one of big size and of the homosexual who/which has constant tendency of acting, being or imitating a homosexual manor. Someone who is acting in a manor that is displeasing to others, but due to a lack of a better word or description for their actions, one gets called this.
You and what army gigantaqueer? Why do you have to be such a gigantaqueer? This thing is being a gigantaqueer!
by DJ Gomez August 14, 2009