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1) The ability of a system to compute one billion floating point operations in one second.

2) When you're at your computer and your friend walks up next to you casually, only to slam his penis down on your shoulder.
1) The PSP will contain a VFPU floating-point vector unit with calculation capability of up to 2.6 gigaflops.

2) Dude! I fucking told you not to do that!
by TuEsBlancoDiablo February 16, 2005
A billion, i.e. , 10(9), floating point operations per second.
Only supercomputers can run that fast..idiot
by IrishRepublicanArmy January 24, 2004
Geek slang for ultimate fail, derived from the term used to measure a computers performance. The word is split into two parts to justify its meaning. 1. GIGA (meaning feckin shite loads or 1,000,000,000) and 2. flop (meaning fail). Not to be confused with GagaFlip the act of discarding an unwanted Lady Gaga.
*Man eats cashew nut only to find he's inhaled it and is now getting the hymnic maneuver from a fat man with an erection* GigaFlop
by darkandmartyr June 30, 2009
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