likes to do favors for people that are cooler than him

often mistaken for a friend of shark
hey dont pull a gigs on shark!
hey whats french hw gigs?
noidhow likes to pull a gigs on his toig, horse
by wesley shin September 29, 2004
Slang term for pornography that has been downloaded via the Internet or burned on to an external or regular hard drive that contains gigabytes, hence the term Gigs.
Dude I was watching some gigs last night.
by The Original Murph April 16, 2007
some one who is more than a friend but less than a boyfriend. One who falls between the spectrum of friend and boyfriend/ girlfriend.
One can have more than one gig. One can also have a girlfriend and a gig at the same time.
Practiced commonly in Thailand.
Gig covers the fields of friends with benefits, booty call, unofficial boyfriend/girlfriend.
-Are you two together?
-No, he's just my gig
by Ryh October 26, 2006
gay in gay sex, usually said among male best friends who have girlfriends. a feature of bromance, cause of real concern for girlfriends. must be nipped in the bud. another feature is attending quizes together.
hey shane, wanna go to a gig

ya, i love gigs
by boom-boom-pow November 29, 2010
Another word for Dollars in certain parts of the country.
How many gigs is your ipod?

It's 100 gigs. This is a great deal for you.
by trenthodgeson April 09, 2010
v. To insult someone by way of raising the middle finger in their direction, most often used in situations where verbal insults are impractical.
So then the truck pulled out in front of us, so I gigged him.

Did he just gig us?
by Daenoch September 27, 2005
When a wrestler is hit in the face with an object that is most likely to make him bleed (such as a chair) and while he is on the ground he cuts his head (because wrestling is fake and he isn't bleeding from the hit ) and when he gets up the blood starts to flow out of his head at this point he is giging.

The word gig is used because the wrestler is doing his job (the more commonly known slang for a job gig)
(Sitting with a friend watching wrestling)
-Random Guy "Man he just hit the crap out of him with that chair"
-Random Guy 2"Oh now he's giging I see him cutting his forehead"
-Random Guy "Oh yeah he's bleeding now he's giging pretty bad
by Nile Overton January 10, 2008

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