a job/work
i'm going to the gig to get my check.
by shaunNCP October 08, 2003
gig means Get it gummed used as an insult (meaning to recieve oral pleasures from someone with no teeth)
john- u lied to me
charles- get it gummed (g.i.g)
john- hairy muff
by brusstopher May 19, 2007
An expression of being excited. Coming from the character Quagmire in the show family guy.
"Dude, Ralphs sister is soo hot!"

by Toad39 March 25, 2007
a lot of dancing skills
" Than boy got gigs!"
by LeeAnn December 04, 2003
A synonym for the common IM slang "Lol" meaning laugh out loud. Shortform for giggles Gigs in very common on MSN chat and other instant messaging sites
John: Did you see what she was wearing

Paul: Gigs ya it was funny
by Cluer December 21, 2008

likes to do favors for people that are cooler than him

often mistaken for a friend of shark
hey dont pull a gigs on shark!
hey whats french hw gigs?
noidhow likes to pull a gigs on his toig, horse
by wesley shin September 29, 2004
when your straight hammered with either the piggle diggle or jordiesel
shake em in the bobcat n the fiddlticks will issue wit a gig boom boom boom beep twice 8 story gig with the corsica ding ding ding tryin to catch us guggn dirty PMP in the boondocks running out on the check pepsi machine killen !%! you got a mexican and a spook ew ew ew ew ew ew ew cuttin up skraw scrug
by jordez May 06, 2008

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