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description of a cap wearing old person (victor meldrew)a cross between git and duffer.
sod off you old giffer
by stuaey September 03, 2004
Meaning Girlfriend:

a noun derived from the common truncation of Girl Friend to GF, and then written phonetically as: Giff + er (to form an agent noun).
Dan: "What are you doing this weekend? Want to drink?"
John: "Shit, I can't! I have to have dinner with the giffer's parents."
Dan: "Bummer dude. I hear Sally's dad is ex-navy-seals, hope you make it out alive"
by Shadymilkman September 23, 2014
Someone who doesnt fit into a catergory, i.e mod or a punk, skinhead or whatever.

someone who has had their family and is still going out and "having it large" at the weekend.
Also incorporates the new music genre "Giffer Punk" started by the band Long Tall Shorty.
are you are mod? no, im a GIFFER!

If it aint GIFFER, it aint worth a f*ck!!!!
by Jim Giffer June 30, 2010
A drunk, middle aged female orgy seeker
"you mother is a giffer!!!"
by Tom April 10, 2004

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