A contraction of the words gibbled and midget. Used to define a person who is humourously lacking in intelligence and/or co-ordination.
"Wow, look at that girl... what a gidget"
by Tiggo April 04, 2005
Top Definition
Gidget: a girl who is short, tomboyish but stil girl-like, hangs with the guys, despite a few close girlfriends, has secret crushes on most of her guy friends but will only end up marrying one...
1.omg look at Ashley...shes such a gidget

2.Ashleys so cute and lucky to be hanging around with the guys
by meghan sanchex August 02, 2005
1. a cross between a girl and a midget. does not have to be actual midget size.. just alot shorter than most of her friends. 2. A movie from 1959 with Sandra Dee about a girl who has boy troubles and over the summer discovers surfing and love. Sequels of this movie are Gidget goes Hawaiian and Gidget goes to Rome. 3. A name or nickname
1. Hey that Gidget is really hot!
2. Did you see the movie Gidget? it was so cute!
3. Gidget!! did you do your homework for Mr. Johnsons class??
by Brodway July 17, 2006
(adj)-very cool, awesome
to Wayne Gretzky, hockey is so gidget.
by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1243 September 25, 2010
The act of sleeping with a girl who is much younger than you, but is of legal age. More common in Canada, due to lax age of consent (Age 14+)

To pull a Gidget: To sleep with a girl who is younger than you by more than 5 years
So...he's 26..and she's what...17? What a fucking Gidget.
by Dave Mayhem February 15, 2008
a gidget is an over grown midget.
whose height is from 4'11-5'1/2.
look at that midget, joe!
nah, shes too tall. thats a gidget right there.
by bruntanng November 07, 2005
The act of penetrating a woman's vagina with one's scrotum.
Fearing she might become pregnant if she took an internal cum shot, she fondled her man's ball bag and convinced him to give her a gidget instead.
by ram March 11, 2005
A dumb ass girl or woman. Stupid, idiotic. Opposite of herb
Amy you are such a gidget
by FOXYB September 23, 2003
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