A large very man that resembles an ape or bigfoot .most of the time has a foot injury caused by sticking it into his mouth.also slang for loud large hairy man who smells.
smells like gibbon in here ! the bar was filled with gibbons !
by jg momma June 05, 2011
an evolutionary term for ecstasy from the perth "lads" scene, can be traced back to the old term fitzroys circa 2000, which progressed to become fitzys, the term fitzys was then attached to a beloved nsw rugby league great being craig fitzgibbon then shortened once more to fitzgibbons then to simply gibbons.....

1.how was the fucken horse chaff in those gibbons.
2.lads me a gibbon cunt
3.shove that gibbon up your ass and you can have it for free
by madcuntay May 12, 2008
a vagina
" I got some Gibbon on the weekend"
by DJownez10 November 07, 2011
A word often used instead of "idiot", "fool" or such other friendly insults

Best said with your nose in the air
"look at that gibbon over there"
"he's like picking his nose, innit"
by Luvmehaw-ing November 12, 2007
Another name for the illicate and recreational party drug exctasy. most commonly taken by ladsy faggots who enjoy servicing their jetskis after school and enjoy the company of men.
Lad: Trueeeee my jetski just blew its 5 gauge.
Lass: Oh devooo, id suck your dick if you were not a lad and enjoyed taking fellow lads from the rear.
Lad: True you do call me gay you fucking dardi. fuck this im gonna drop some gibbons.
Lass: devastated
by Ladington September 20, 2006
A gibbon is a tailess ape, or a monkey without a tail. It is also a derrogatory term to call African-Americans.
"Hey gibbon, put down that chicken."
by Jalen January 25, 2005
displaying typical gibbon traits at a particular time but actually being of superior genus
duh! your such a gibbon! (when you said genius surely you meant genus?...)
by angie December 16, 2004

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