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2 definitions by Luvmehaw-ing

This is a brilliant way of laughing, often brought up by people in a humerous situation - it is spoken or laughed! in a guffaw-type fashion and is sparsely used...yet

Its a good word, but not to be mistaken with whore!

it's not meant to be offensive, simply better than "lol"

Could be used in a sarcastic better
"she just set her username as something dorky! haw!"


"hawhaw, you're so funny"

by Luvmehaw-ing November 12, 2007
A word often used instead of "idiot", "fool" or such other friendly insults

Best said with your nose in the air
"look at that gibbon over there"
"he's like picking his nose, innit"
by Luvmehaw-ing November 12, 2007