When you get so isanely high that you can't talk and the only thing you can think about is jr. chickens and beef jerkey
Fred: Man you look real gibbled!
by dylanf3ff4f234f234f43ff3f4 January 20, 2009
Top Definition
also: gibbled up

1. (adj.)
contorted, twisted

2. (adj.)
malfunctioning, broken

3. (v)
to break, maim, or otherwise impair

"My brother's foot was totally gibbled after he tripped in that gopher hole. Man, was that funny."

"Don't bother trying to fix that watch. It's been gibbled ever since my brother threw it in the lake."

"The VCR totally gibbled up the tape I put in. Now I'll have to YouTube Dancing With the Stars."
by disneyrobin March 18, 2007
Appearing or being extrememly fucked up.

In the state of becoming, or being, a gibble (see gibble). A handitard, dumbass, mental midget, cripple, or in some other way mentally, physically incapable, or both.
"Dude, the chair is gibbled!"

"He's more gibbled than a dickless guy in a whore house."

"If your dog Tripod loses one more leg, he's gibbled."
A state of extreme inebriation.
Hartley took a dump in that girl's fireplace last night. Man.. he was so gibbled.
by drusalan April 03, 2009
it is a much higher level of gitarded
see gitarded for a definition of above..
hey man.. so and so is right gibbled .. look he can't even move lol
by Babybug420 August 20, 2005
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