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Ghettotastic- word used to describe an item wanting to be "bling" but not quite making it. Often so pathetic, it's fantastic.
"That chicks cross is covered in fake rhinestones! It's Ghettotastic!"


"My graduation tassle has rhinestones on the year, it is so ghettotastic."
by MethanBetney September 23, 2004
The sexiest philosopher to have ever lived. That fact was confirmed by the Romanian Sex God. His work is not meant for light reading, but is possibly good while drunk.
"Spinoza makes me think happy thoughts.... about your mother!"


"Spinoza...oh yeah..."
by MethanBetney September 23, 2004
As stated by the future President of the United States of America, C.W.C, "The "W" stands for quality!" And truly, it does.

(In no way a reference or connection to George W. Bush)
"That is some "W" shit right there!"


"You're a "W" person."
by MethanBetney September 23, 2004
Loopy - A loving deigo with an afro. Can often be sighted at Denny's in a corner booth. Without coffee, can get grouchy. Very Sweet, but often confusing.
"You're a Loopy kinda person."
by MethanBetney September 23, 2004

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