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ghettoness or ghetto
homie numba 1: whoa homie those shoes are ghettolicious !how much did u score fro em?
homie numba 2:yeah they be pimpin all right,i got's em from my bro
by skye summers March 20, 2007
some1 or somethin thats in the GHETTO and has style!
DAMN wigga did u see J-Lo'z ghettolicious booty??!! Im talkin bout DAMN!!!
by David January 02, 2004
A word to describe something or someone that is incredibly ghetto, hood, gangster, etc.
I like flat-brimmed hats but they're a little too Ghettolicious for me.
by Ben Jones is a cool dude April 20, 2009
Adg. A word to describe a person, place, or thing. Usually describing something extremely ghetto and is not to be used by the white people unless used to make fun of the language of black people.
"Dawg i don't think i can hit on her, she is lookin' way too ghettolicious tonight."

"I am white, i cannot say the word, ghettolicious."

"I want to stick that ghettolicious shoe up his ass."
by Falicia November 06, 2005
Jon's word meaning either:
1. Someone consisting of extreme ghettoness

2. Jon

3. A sexy ass ahahah lol

4. A really hot chick

5. A sex term haahh
1. Paris Hilton is Ghettolicious.

2. They had Ghettolicious Sex.
by Jon April 02, 2005
how you can describe philadelphia, pa. and it's not meant in a good way
Man, philly sucks.
Yeah, it's ghettolicious.
by fallen sparrow October 01, 2004
1. A term used for a ghetto African-American man who is also a homosexual.

A: Hey. You know Darshon?
B: Yeah. What about 'im?
A: He was lookin' at Charron's ass las' nigh'. I think that nigga's ghettolicious.
B: That shit ain't right...
by Aki Tanori June 30, 2006
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