1. A term used for a ghetto African-American man who is also a homosexual.

A: Hey. You know Darshon?
B: Yeah. What about 'im?
A: He was lookin' at Charron's ass las' nigh'. I think that nigga's ghettolicious.
B: That shit ain't right...
by Aki Tanori June 30, 2006
Adj- When a wangsta or a gansta has sudden urges to
"busta cap n get all gangsta and ghettolicious on yo ass bitch".
*Hey you wanna go
**oh no u did not just challenge my ghettolicious self!
*i think i did...what u gon do about it?
**ima go all gangsta on yo ass bitch
*Bring it on ni**a
by Kelsi Dawg (LaFwanda) November 17, 2005
Something that's unfair or bad and stuff..
Your house is ghettolicious.
lol i don't know
by CJay May 18, 2003

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