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a place were a true nigga lives, dosen't matter how rich or poor the nigga is.
Obama is going to live in The White House, obama lives in the ghetto
by Gummy17 December 30, 2008
a person of ill manner who may act in selfishness or udder rudeness, who may dress badly or skimpy, and may talk in a loud bama way
Don't hang around them they is straight ghetto
by Kpimpin January 24, 2007
Where your mother lives.
Your mom: "Be sure to wear neutral gang colors to school today honey. We don't want your punk ass to get shot in this ghetto."
by theunemp June 22, 2006
area of a city where the land values are comparativley lower than that of the rest of the city
man i live in the ghettos, my house is worth nothing compared to my homies crib
by k-cuz February 22, 2006
a soda bottle or something else that you can just pick up somewhere in your house and make something to smoke weed out of. usualy a soda can that you slope inward and punch holes in with a pin.
larry-fuck i forgot my bong.
gary-lets make a ghetto.
by rk tilley April 25, 2007
Garbage, run down crap.
That Chevy Celebrity is fucking ghetto.
by Path July 22, 2002
Two Words: Bamboo Earrings. A lot of Spanish girls wear these.
by odfdfkmgrbktgrevkevmsekveksbjm November 16, 2009