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Sometimes blocks of government housing (cheap and of poor-quality so as to house the poor and needy) are called ghetto becuase these poor people resort to crime and stuff to get money. Because the whole block (usually there are several) is poor and criminal, it can't even be apprached by authorities in some cases because it is so derelict and vile. The government is now taking action and trying to get a mix of poor and rich and middle class people into these houses to even out the mix so it isn't so ghetto or derelict.
From the song "Supa Star" by Group Home
Born in the ghetto it's hard to survive
Some have achieved and many brothers tried
But I realized which life to choose
I wanna make money so I gotta pay dues
But there's no rules and you only have one chance
If ya f*** up kid you face the circumstance
At night I use to scream and shout
Livin' in the ghetto trying to get the hell out
by untouchable_95 May 11, 2009
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