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2 definitions by davonj89

A low-income community. (poor)
Boy 1: Why do you stay in the ghetto.

Because my mom doesn't make that

much money, to stay in the richies.

She get's welfare

boy 2: Oh that's understandable.
by davonj89 May 07, 2009
People who lack knowledge.

People who do/say stupid thing knowing what the results could be.

Someone who tries to tell someone about themselves, someone, or a group of people, When there not sure what they talking about, but HIGHLY believe they know what they are saying, is the truth.
X: How did you hurt yourself?

O: i was running on the brim of the pool,

when i slipped and fell.

X: Was is wet?

O: Yes!

X: Don't you think that was kinda of



A: I will never let my kids grow up in the Ghetto.

B: Do you know what the ghetto is?

A: Yes!

B: What?

A: It's where a bunch of black people


B: No! That's not true. The ghetto is a

poor community. All races live in the

ghetto. Just more blacks and hispanics

live in the ghetto. But whites are

there too.

A: No! That's NOT TRUE. My friend said the ghetto is: 'where a bunch of black people live'.

B: Well your just plain ignorant. I lived

in the ghetto my whole life, born and

raised. I know from first experience.

A: I know, i'm just telling u from what

i heard.

B: well the person who told you that is

by davonj89 May 07, 2009