it is supposed to be a culinary spice.
use ghee when you make a vegetable soup
by gustaf Landingear June 17, 2003
Top Definition
A person who is both socially and physically awkward.

Not to be confused with gay.
Bob is ghee. I feel awkward just being around him.
by Gundamguy January 10, 2005
Clarified butter, used most commonly in Indian food, sold in some Asian food markets, health food stores.
Me and miachel boutght this jar of ghee at Whole Foods.
by Alan May 19, 2004
A politically-correct clandestine, elaborative, flamboyant and secretive way of calling somebody ‘"gay". The word "ancient" can precede this term for those who are extremely "gay"’.
You look ghee in that outfit Charles.

You ancient ghee.
by RECKReckless January 15, 2004
A picture of someone from google images that you use to morph in sqirlzies

alt: The act of morphing a picture of someone from google images in sqirlzies
I gheed harry.

We havent got a ghee in a while.
by Sam Gettings August 03, 2005
irish slang:
meaning your arse
ghee hair
i fell on my ghee...
i missed it by a ghee hair
by nell April 11, 2005
slang for a cigarette; as in 'cigghee'

This word is used heavily around the campus of Indiana University.
"Lets go burn some ghees."
by insane Abby Jane February 13, 2007
a gay spice
michael ghee
by hannz November 10, 2003
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