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Male clothing brand name
I think I might buy that quiksilver shirt.
by Nell January 18, 2004
irish slang:
meaning to be paroletic
i was completely ghee-eyed
by nell April 11, 2005
The television.
"What's on the twat's lantern tonight?"
by NeLL April 14, 2004
drink cum out of butt.
reebox superbowl commercail (see:terry tate, office) "felcher and sons"
by nell August 11, 2004
worse than wack--it's derogatory fer sher
however--there is an alternate meaning to be used ONLY when it's REALLLLLY good.
bad: that guy is a smack-ass ho for coming to your party and actin' up like that.
good: we played a smack-ass game of poker last night and my boyfriend walked with the pot!
by nell March 13, 2003
new found name for emo, heartfelt and hardcore
The Early November, The StoryBook Ending, Funeral For a Friend
by Nell April 10, 2004
irish slang:
meaning your arse
ghee hair
i fell on my ghee...
i missed it by a ghee hair
by nell April 11, 2005

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