Guitar Hero
Damn, I really want to go play GH
by ~no one~ August 21, 2008
abbrev. for "glory hole" found in mens rooms, a hole drilled in the side wall of a stall of the correct size and height so that a man on one side puts his penis thru so that the man on the other side can give him annon, oral sex
Jerry; go stick your dick in a glory hole (GH) that way nobody knows who your are.
Tom: Where is the closed one?
Jerry; Third floor mens room in Masy's.
by LAS VEGAS CHUBB August 09, 2007
GH is an abbreviation for Ghana. A country located on the African continent.

Also describes the new era of rap music in Ghana
Is it true Kofi Annan is from GH?

Skillions are the king of gh rap. Henceforth, i choose to be a skillionaire.
by braveheart1320 September 04, 2009
Abbreviation for "God Help"
Gh! There's a huge spider on my ceiling!
by Shanniqua May 31, 2011
Abbreviation for "Giant Hooker". General term to call someone a whore, prostitute (etc.), or just insult them.
Guy1: Dude, I let John borrow my calculator, and he broke it!
Guy2: Man what a GH.

Girl1: She slept with my boyfriend yesterday!
Girl2: What a GH!
by Brothenasia June 14, 2009
Good Hunting/Good Hunt'n
GL and GH (good luck and good hunt'n)
by Anno-Mus January 08, 2008
Glendale Heights (town)
"GH!!!"... "gH"... "GH!"... "GH!!"
by blond February 16, 2005

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